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KONE - elevators, escalators, lifts & travolators (ramps, autowalks) in Russia & CIS. kbans >>

Welcome to First Russian site about elevators, escalators, lifts & travolators (ramps, autowalks),
manufactures by KONE Corporation

The elevators, escalators, lifts & travolators (ramps, autowalks) KONE of last generation submitted to sale on this site, are elite, that is most technologically accomplished (technologically perfect) in the World and have no analogues on compactness, profitability of a current consumption and oil, noise-less, smoothness of a course and reliability, and for elevators - as well best ratio of speed and carrying capacity. If for you these parameters are important, KONE - your best choice from all possible variants.

Kone Corporation - global international service and machine-building company based October 27, 1910 in Finland which is carrying out manufacture of the most technically perfect elevating equipment in the World: elevators, escalators, lifts & travolators (ramps, autowalks) and passenger lifts without pit.

We carry out in Russia and CIS, besides the conclusion of the direct Contracts with KONE Corporation, complete complex of services:

The applications of the clients from other countries we transfer directly in KONE Corporation or appropriate partners KONE Corporation in these countries, if they there are.

On our site www.liftes.ru you will find the detailed information about the lifts equipment KONE: the description of elevators, photo of lifts, drawings of elevators, characteristic of lifts, pictures, pdf-files (brochure), and also not less detailed information concerning to escalators and travolators (ramps, autowalks).

The elevators, escalators, travolators (ramps, autowalks) and passenger lifts KONE are accompanied by words " first in the World " and - or " unique (sole) in the World ": first in the World passenger elevators machine-room - less; unique (sole) in the World freight elevators machine-room - less; first and unique (sole) in the World elevators without counterweights ; unique (sole) in the World elevators for transportation simultaneously up to 70 passengers with speed 17 м/с on height up to 500 meters; unique (sole) in the World escalators and travolators (ramps, autowalks) without circuits of a drive (even for handrails), performance index=96% and twice by smaller periodicity of greasing in its grandiosely smaller quantity, than at the competitors; the installation of elevators is made without use of building woods, and the elevators Alta can be maintained already during the unfinished installation and etc....

On the same site you have an opportunity to find out the price of elevators, escalators, travolators (ramps, autowalks) and passenger lifts KONE. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in the application, link under the appropriate reference " ORDER the OFFER", then the offer on elevators, required by you, escalators, lifts or travolators will be directed to you. On the specified phones you always can receive the operative help and advices (in Russian).

Use of elevators, escalators, travolators (ramps, autowalks) and passenger lifts KONE allows you to achieve enormous economy of money while in service of elevating equipment KONE and indefinitely to enjoy work of the most perfect machines of XXI century.

The company making tower cranes KONE, refers to as KoneCranes. The link to its site - www.KoneCranes.ru. On our site www.KoneCo.ru are not offered a cranes KONE - we are offering elevators, escalators, travolators (ramps, autowalks) and passenger lifts, manufactures by the company KONE Corporation only.